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How Press Releases Get Traffic To Your Websites

Press Releases
are more than just an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter it is a communication announcing a story to the public which is deliberately sent to journalists or media publishers in the hope they will publish the news contained in them. What this does is give credibility to the story and a sense of trustworthiness... 

BUT it's that media publishers part that helps those of us desiring to get more website traffic from online press releases.  


How To Use Native Advertising

In this video post Ben Harris a top executive from the popular affiliate network interviewed one of their 7 figure platinum affiliates Tom Bell on how he uses Native Ads to get targeted website traffic and sales! This is a MUST WATCH if you're looking for more targeted ways to reach more people in a much faster time frame. But just what are native ads?! 

How To Use Paid Traffic Sources

Paying for website traffic can be a bit tricky if you don't know what you're doing. For example, if you do not target the right audience for your particular offer then the chances of you making a profit from the traffic is slim to none. 

How To Make Money From REAL Workable Traffic

Im sure that you are aware or have at least heard that some of the top traffic strategies like: article marketing, article writing, article submissions, pay per click advertising, media buys, blogging and of course SEO.

I do agree that many of these techniques can be properly used and marketing funnels can be set up to make them very effective. In fact you should focus on these as they are all real and 100% legitimate.

Is Guaranteed Traffic REAL?

It has been my experience that almost all "guaranteed traffic" sites are little more than frauds.

You pay money and they deliver supposedly high quality traffic and you just sit back and make money. 

Yeah right.

It's time you know the truth. Here are some of the ways they rip you off:

1. Pop under's that are annoyances and are usually blocked (and hardly visible if they are not) and people click off immediately (but counted as legitimate traffic to you by these places)